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Workers' Compensation

As your payroll provider, Optimal Payroll can also represent your company in the world insurance markets. In this role, our insurance director will present your interests and coordinate with insurance company underwriters, billing and accounting departments, claims department and other insurance professionals in order to provide the most thorough and efficient, cost savings insurance plans available. Our insurance director will assist in all day-to-day matters relating to your insurance needs. To assure dependable, professional results, our team will always approach your insurance matters in a step-by-step systems that includes:

Carefully review your current workers' compensation program and the nature of your financial risks.

We will provide direction to potential insurance issues and hazards and provide solution options for your review. Please be aware that even the very best insurance programs do not eliminate all of the risks possible, but providing information and knowledge is our goal for your business.

Market your insurance aggressively.

Our insurance director will provide a marketing summary each and every year to ensure you receive the best possible rates with A.M. Best A rated, admitted insurance carriers.

Provide formal written proposals.

The detailed written proposals will explain the rating process and all the alternatives available. We prepare the most comprehensive proposals available which will confirm underwriting information, base and net rates and the entire basis for premium calculations.

Review insurance contracts.

Our insurance division will assist in determining whether your certificate holder's requirements meet the insurance program in place and help provide additional endorsements such as waivers of subrogation, additional insured wording, etc.

Schedule periodic stewardship visits.

We will meet with you in person to ensure your insurance program keeps up to date with your changing and growing business.

Workers' Compensation Claims Management

Workers' Compensation claims and their related costs have a major impact on your bottom line. Employers who leave the claims management solely in the hands of the insurance company are missing the opportunity to help their employees, provide safer working conditions and ultimately create a huge opportunity to save money. Our insurance director will provide specific, claims handling and cost saving measures including:
  1. Claims analysis and Representation
  2. Fraud Prevention and Intervention
  3. Injury and Illness Prevention programs (IIPP) review
  4. Medical Case evaluation
  5. Return to Work design and coordination
  6. Claims review and strategy meetings
  7. Claim and Reserve Reviews including monitoring
  8. Aggressive Experience Modification Management
  9. Unit Stat preparation
  10. Safety and Loss Control program assistance
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